A Decade of Impact

A Decade of Impact

The pet industry was going gangbusters with historic sales numbers and pet ownership at an all-time high.

But there was something missing. While the outdoor and textile industries had recognized their sustainability challenges and convened to work towards solutions, the pet industry’s environmental and social impact was just ramping up.

We came together, both of us passionate about pets, the environment, and sustainability, to create Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). With the support of our eight founding members, we started with a toolkit, some industry contacts, and a vision. By the end of 2013, we had 17 members. Now, we work with and for nearly 200 members representing producers, suppliers, manufacturers, brands, distributors, and retailers. We have become the epicenter of collaborative solutions across the supply chain to address the pet industry’s significant climate impacts.

Our first decade has been a journey of exponential growth in our membership, our project and program offerings, our industry credibility, our reach, and our grit. Our next 10 years will be defined by our ability to scale up our critical business services, tools, and education while expanding our transformational initiatives to solve the industry’s biggest challenges. The pet industry has awoken to the state of our perilous planet, and PSC is uniquely positioned to bring the power of business to the front lines. Through a new philanthropic endeavor, we will be well-equipped to deepen our work around plastics, ingredients, and social responsibility, while expanding our influence through broader tools, education, and advocacy.

The pet industry is still going gangbusters, now a $165B industry projected to reach $236B by 2030. Today, 58% of Fortune 500 companies have formal sustainability goals and leadership, and more than 90% now publish ESG reports. 80% of young US adults (ages 18-34) are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and this is the fastest growing demographic of pet parents. 90% of Americans believe that businesses should value people and the planet as much as profit. A full 91% of individual professionals feel that the expectations of sustainability are growing and express a preference for sustainable employers.

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